“Why Finders Speakers? And Why Me?

“Why do I need to join Finders Speakers?”

Are you a speaker, trainer, facilitator, voice talent, or other presentation professional? Then you need to market yourself through Finders Speakers, the powerful and cost effective way to promote yourself to the people who hire speakers... like you!

There are three ways that Finders Speakers helps you in your marketing and positioning efforts. As a member of Finders Speakers, you can market yourself through —

  1. The Speaker's Showcase — Put your fully-customized, full-page promotional materials in the Showcase, so you're continually in front of the people who hire presentation professionals... like you!
  2. QuIPS — We live in a sound-bite world, and people love to hear issues summarized in a pithy comment! You'll have your name on people's lips by entering your quotations, information points, and sound bites into the repository of QuIPS Declarations!
  3. The WOW Library — You'll also position yourself as the go-to authority in your field or industry by adding your position paper or explanatory article to the Words of Wisdom (WOW) Library!

BONUS — The Showcase, QuIPS, and WOW are three great ways to promote yourself to the event professionals who hire speakers! But do you have a product or service that other speakers need? Then you also need to promote yourself to other pro speakers! And the best way to do that is through the Speakers Marketplace! (You get Marketplace promotion opportunities as a bonus when you join as an Expert or Master member of Finders Speakers.)

“Sounds good! How do I join Finders Speakers?”

It's easy to become a part of the Finders Speakers community! Just determine which membership level is right for you — Pro, Expert, or Master.

The only difference between the levels of membership is the number of marketing resources that are available to you:

  • Pro Members have 1 Showcase entry, 1 WOW Communication, and 1 QuIPS Declaration. At only $9 a month, this membership is affordable to even the most budget-strapped speaker, so this entry-level membership is ideal for pros who are just starting out and who need to market themselves without busting their budgets.
  • Expert Members have 3 Showcase entries, 3 WOW Communications, and 5 QuIPS Declarations. (And as a bonus, Expert Members also have 1 Marketplace PromoPage with which they can promote their products and services to other speakers!) At only $17 a month (that's less than 6 cents a day!), this membership level is ideal for established professionals who recognize that marketing is the only thing standing between themselves and platform success!
  • Finally, Champion-level members have 7 Showcase Pages, 7 WOW Communications, 11 QuIPS Declarations, and 5 Marketplace PromoPages with which to position themselves in the marketplace. Frankly, many speakers don't need this much promotional power, but at $25 a month (still less than a buck a day), this level is ideal for speaking powerhouses who want to get the most bang for their marketing buck!

In summary, Pro Membership is good for speakers who have a limited number of products and services that they need to market. Expert and Champion Memberships are designed for established professionals who offer both keynotes and training programs, or who offer both speaking and consulting services, or who have multiple products or multiple speaking topics to promote, or who speak from more than one "home base".

Bottom line, it just doesn't get any easier or any more cost-effective to market yourself and your programs than Finders Speakers. Just pick the membership level that's right for you, and you'll be marketing, promoting, and positioning in a matter of minutes!


Standard PRO Membership
  • Pro
  • 1 Showcase PromoPage
  • 1 WOW Communication
  • 1 QuIPS Declaration
  • Ideal for aspiring or
    beginning pros
  • $ 9 / month *
9 USD / 1 month


Standard EXPERT Membership
  • Expert
  • 3 Showcase PromoPages,
  • 3 WOW Communications
  • 5 QuIPS Declarations
  • Bonus:
    1 Marketplace PromoPage
  • Ideal for established professionals
  • $17 / month *
17 USD / 1 month


Standard CHAMPION Membership
  • Champion
  • 7 Showcase PromoPages,
  • 7 WOW Communications
  • 11 QuIPS Declarations
  • Bonus:
    5 Marketplace PromoPages
  • Ideal for marketing
  • $25 / month *
25 USD / 1 month