Think YES

Think "YES"

by Linda Sauget

John Lennon met Yoko Ono at an exhibition of her artwork. One of her pieces was an interactive sculpture. In the center of it there was a ladder that led to a door at the top. After climbing the ladder, Lennon opened the door and saw one word printed in large letters:


What a powerful message. Imagine if the door opened and the message was NO. What a different experience that would have been.

Yes is a powerful word. It signals potential, hope, and possibility. It triggers positive images. An attitude of Yes is a positive attitude. Yes is an opening while No is a closing.

Live your life in state of Yes and stay alert for the miracles that happen. Say Yes to new friends, new foods, new experiences, new work, new opportunities to give, new goals, new attitudes. Say Yes and the whole world is open to you as a possibility.


Try doing the opposite —- say NO to meeting new friends or trying new foods. Say NO to different experiences or opportunities at work. Do you think you would feel positive or negative, energized or stagnant, excited or bored?

Choose Yes and then stay alert. Author Mike Dooley says, “Whenever something unexpected or unthought of falls onto your path, it is always a stepping stone…There are no accidents or coincidences.”

Be open and you will attract the right people and the right experiences at the right time. The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our attitudes.

Think YES!

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