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Finding the perfect speaker for your next event couldn't be easier! The Finders Speakers Showcase enables you to explore a wide variety of professional speakers and find the perfect speaker for you.

You can search for your favorite speakers in several ways —

  • Search by Topic or Expertise — The traditional way to search for speakers is by the subject or topic they speak on. Using the category-search, you can search the Showcase for speakers who speak on topics like "motivation" or "customer service".

    But there's another way. With Search by Content, you can find the speakers you want by searching for the specific words they use to describe themselves. Unlike the category-search, you can search for anything — specific terms like "fast food" or "programming", speaker slogans or taglines, trademarks or service marks, or any other way of identifying exactly the right speakers for you!

    Finders Speakers' Search by Content uses both methods, so you can find exactly the right speaker for you!

  • Search by Geographical Location — Are you holding your event at a time of year when travel could be a problem? Or maybe you want to save on travel costs? A "local" speaker is the answer! You can search the Showcase for all speakers within a specific distance of where you're holding your event!

  • Search by Name — Of course, you can probably already contact the speakers you know. But have you ever had speakers who you wanted to contact, but you can't remember how to spell their names? Using Search by Name, you can search the Showcase for all speakers whose names start with "Z" (or whatever)!