TV Makeup

Developing Your Best TV Image
Carolyn Kerner Stein



Dress conservatively. Bright colors become more intense on screen. Red or bright orange can create a glare. White and black play havoc with the lighting; white reflects too much light and black is too flat. So wear ivory or dark gray. Other colors that work well include: blue, beige, camel, mauve, apricot, peach, navy.


Bulky and baggy clothes make you look large. Busy patterns, small prints, large plaids, and herringbone patterns tend to shimmer on video. Shiny fabrics and metallic jewelry drive video technicians crazy because the shine causes light flares.

Because TV studio lights are bright, they wash out skin color and create a shine, so bring to the studio: Kleenex tissue and translucent powder to eliminate shine on the nose, fore

head, or top of head.(if you are bald) Apply the powder with a powder puff or powder

brush being careful not to have the powder sprinkle on your navy suit..


Women should always wear foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. Avoid purple, hot pink or brown lipstick, those colors make your teeth look yellow. Be sure all of your make up is blended (without streaks) on your face Avoid glossy iridescent cosmetics. Bring a comb, brush and hair spray.


Men should shave just prior to an appearance in front of the video cameras because the overhead lighting can create a five o’clock shadow. Also, the lighting can create

shadows under the eyes. Use a make up stick in a medium shade under the eyes and blend well. Use a light bronzer to add a light tan.

Eye drops are always good to have in case a contact lens gets stuck or your eyes are red and dry from lack of sleep. If you have shiny metal glass frames, touch them lightly with a little beige foundation to eliminate the glare Don't wear tinted glasses Also, make sure that your hair is not covering your eyes or casting a shadow on your eyes. If your hair covers your brows, it is too long.


When it comes to make-up, less is better than more. If you are pale and require a good coverage of foundation on your face and neck, it is a good idea to apply a thin coat of make-up to the back of your hands. That eliminates a tan face with white hands. If you should smear makeup on a white collar, rub some white chalk on it, that will absorb the oil. If at all possible it would be ideal to have a professional make-up artist apply your make-up.