About Finders Speakers (for Speakers)

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Are you a professional speaker?

I've got some good news, and
some very bad news....

The good news is — people who hire speakers are looking for you! They need your message! They want to give you money!

But here's the bad news — before they can hire you, they've got to find you. And if they can't find you, your career will continue to be a closely-held secret.

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Being "Top Secret" is good if you're a spy.

It's lousy when you're a speaker!

One of the biggest problems of professional speakers and trainers — like most other entrepreneurs — is marketing their products, their services, and themselves! There are three major ways in which speaking professionals can market and position themselves:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — Unfortunately, SEO tends to be both difficult and expensive. Prepare to lay out some big bucks or lots of time. Quite possibly both.

  2. Paid advertising — Paid ads, whether on Google, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media, can be very effective... but sometimes they're not. Whether they work or not, they're always expensive.

  3. Speakers Directories — for many pro speakers, this is the way to go! But there are hundreds of directories that you can be listed in, and some can cost you hundreds of dollars for a single entry. Others are restrictive, limiting who is allowed to be listed in their directory. Still others don't allow you direct contact with the planners looking to hire you. How do you choose?

Fortunately, professional speakers now can be listed in a versatile, powerful, cost-effective speakers directory — Finders Speakers!

So for many pro speakers, the big question is....

Is your speaking career a well-kept secret? Turn it into a well-known success by returning to the Stage Door and joining Finders Speakers!