About Finders Speakers (for Speakers)

For all speaking professionals,
there's some good news and there's some very bad news....

The good news is — people who hire speakers are looking for you! They need your message! They want to give you money!

woman requesting silence by holding finger to her lips

But here's the bad news — before they can hire you, they've got to find you. And if they can't find you, your career will continue to be a closely-held secret.

Being "Top Secret" is good if you're a spy.
It's lousy when you're a speaker!

One of the biggest problems of professional speakers and trainers — like other entrepreneurs — is figuring out how to get people to look at their websites, blogs, and other Internet marvels. Do you know why they don't look at your wonderful website? They don't know that it's there! And so they don't know you exist!

Fortunately, professional speakers now have a versatile, powerful, cost-effective marketing tool — Finders Speakers!

The concept is simple. Meeting and event planners come to Finders Speakers looking for speakers to hire. They find one or more speakers, contact them, and hire them. (Hopefully, it's YOU!). And that's it!

So, the big question is....

Is your speaking career a well-kept secret? Turn it into a well-known success by joining Finders Speakers.

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