Levels of Membership

Which Membership Level is Right for You?

1 Finders Speakers entry iconThere are lots of speakers directories out there... and most of them are unbelievably expensive. After you explore your other options, you'll be shocked at how inexpensive Finders Speakers is! It's hard to believe, but you get a single full-page, fully customizable listing in Finders Speakers for only $7 a month... with no long-term commitment, no contracts to sign, nothing. Seven bucks for one month of worldwide marketing — you can't get any better than that!

3 Finders Speakers entries iconOr can you? For only $5 more a month, you get three full-page, fully-customizable entries in the Finders Speakers Showcase so you can spotlight three different aspects of your business.The $12 a month Pro Membership is a great investment in your pro speaking career!

7 Finders Speakers entries iconBut what if you're already an established professional with a broad range of products and services to promote? The Master membership gives you a whopping seven (7!) full-page, fully-customizable entries that you can place in either the Speakers' Showcase or the Finders Speakers Marketplace! Astoundingly, Master membership in Finders Speakers costs only $19 a month — that's less than 75 cents a day.

Which membership level should you get?

  • The Rising Star membership (1 listing for only $7 a month) is ideal for aspiring and beginning speakers who want to market themselves effectively without busting their budget.
  • The Pro membership (3 listings for $12 / month) is the level of choice for established speakers (or beginning speakers who are serious about their marketing).
  • Finally, for those people who refuse to settle for less than the best, the Master membership gives you a whopping 7 listings, each of which can be placed in either the Finders Speakers Showcase or The Marketplace). Master Membership is designed for those people who want the most marketing bang for their budgetary buck. (But it's still a bargain at only $19 a month!)
  • So here are two questions for you — the first question is not, should you join Finders Speakers? For anyone who's serious about their speaking career, the first question is which level is the best for you?

    The second question is easy — What are you waiting for? Start treating your speaking career seriously and join Finders Speakers today!

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