Advantages of Finders Speakers

Finders Speakers is for Savvy Pro Speakers

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Pro speakers agree — Finders Speakers is the best way to promote yourself, your speeches, and your products and services to meeting and event planners, training coordinators, and all other people who hire speakers.

Finders Speakers is a speakers directory, but it's very different from old-fashioned speakers directories in five important ways:

Whether you're an aspiring speaker, an emerging speaker, or an experienced pro, you won't find a more convenient and more cost-effective way of promoting yourself and your speaking business. Do yourself (and your career) a favor and join Finders Speakers today!

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Finders Speakers doesn't limit you!

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Most speakers directories limit the number of words (or even characters!) that you can put in your entry. Not Finders Speakers! Each of your entries in Finders Speakers is virtually unlimited ― big or small, it's your entry and you choose the size and style that's right for you.


Finders Speakers lets your uniqueness shine through!

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Most speakers directories are cookie-cutter. That is, your entry looks pretty much the same as everyone else's entry ― one photograph (positioned in exactly the same place), one video (ditto), and so on. Not Finders Speakers! You can format your Finders Speakers' entry in almost any way you want. And with Finders Speakers' easy to use what-you-see-is-what-you-get page builder, it's easy!

Don't blend into the crowd. Market yourself with a Showcase entry that's as unique as you are!


Finders Speakers protects you from spammers and hackers.

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Many speaker directories force you to list your email address, so people can get in touch with you. Unfortunately, this also makes you a prime target for spam.

Other speaker directories go to the other extreme — they don't even allow you to talk directly to the people who want to hire you ― you have to go through the speaker directory service (possibly so they can take a cut of your fee).

Not Finders Speakers! With Finders Speakers' Private Contact capability, the people who want to hire you can reach you — directly — without ever knowing your email address. With Finders Speakers, your email address can't fall into the wrong hands!


Finders Speakers grows as your career grows!

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Almost all speakers directories give you one measly entry with which you can market your keynote, your training programs, your future bestseller, and your consulting services. Not Finders Speakers!

With Finders Speakers, you can have different entries to promote the different aspects of your business. So you can promote your keynote in one listing, your training programs in another, and your consulting services in a third!

On the other hand, why should you pay for something you don't need? You can join Finders Speakers at any of 3 different membership levels, from a single entry with the Rising Star membership (ideal for aspiring speakers on a limited budget), to a whopping 7 different entries — each in either The Showcase or The Marketplace! — with your Master membership (for those speakers who are getting ready to hit the big time).


Finders Speakers helps you get started!

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Most speakers directories provide you with a single — and usually very limited — directory entry, but that's all. You're left to figure out for yourself how to actually become a pro speaker. But not Finders Speakers!

Finders Speakers gives everyone — members and non-members alike — unlimited access to the Pro Speaker U Knowledge Base, so that you're no longer stranded, trying to figure out how to launch your speaking career. Pro Speaker U gives you the "truth from the trenches" guidance to shave months off your learning curve!