Finders for Planners Video Transcript

Transcript of Finders for Planners Video

When you’re planning your next meeting or event, Finders Speakers makes the challenge of finding just the right speaker much easier! Whether you're looking for keynoters, trainers, entertainers, facilitators, emcees, coaches, consultants, voice-over artists, or any other type of speaking professional, you'll find the talent you need, right here at Finders Speakers.

It’s easy! Just tap the "Find a Speaker" button on the home page to start your search!

Because our speakers aren’t pigeonholed into arbitrary categories, Finders Speakers makes it easy to find a specific speaker with its “search for anything” capability.

You can search for speakers by their name, nickname, tag line, topic or specialty, program title, book title, or pretty much anything that identifies the speaker you want.

And if you’re looking for a local speaker, you can limit your search to only the speakers who are within any given distance of your event.

Finders Speakers also makes your search easier with its Finders Keepers capability. When you find speakers that interest you, mark them as "keepers" so that you can easily refer back to them later!

Your individual list of keepers is privately held just for you so you can contact them at your convenience.

Another useful capability is Finders Speakers’ Private Contact capability. Do you want to reach a speaker you're interested in, but email isn’t an option? With Private Contact, you can send a message to the speaker of your choice… without using your email program!

On the speakers’ side, your Private Contact message bypasses the speaker's spam folder, and receives the priority treatment it deserves. Directly communicating with the speakers you want to talk to is both easy and safe with Finders Speakers.

Of course, Finders Speakers is free to use! There's no charge, cost, fee or commission to pay. You don't have to register or even give us your email address.

Just point your browser to finders speakers dot com and start finding the speakers who will make your next event… special.