Finders for Speakers Video Transcript

Transcript of Finders for Speakers Video

The biggest challenge facing professional speakers – all entrepreneurs, actually – is one of… visibility. The problem is, before people can hire you, they’ve got to find you!

Fortunately, for pro speakers, there’s Finders Speakers. Finders Speakers is a speakers directory, and speakers directories aren’t new. But Finders Speakers differs from old-fashioned directories in several important ways:

The first involves the age-old question: does size really matter? There’s a lot of debate about that, but when it comes to speakers directories, it does!

Sadly, most directories limit the size of your entry to a certain number of words, or even letters. They expect you to tell about your keynotes, your training programs, your products, and more… but they don’t give you much space to do it in.

Not here! Your entry in Finders Speakers can be as big as you want ― after all, it's your entry, you should be able to choose the size and style that's right for you, without being constrained by some arbitrary limits.

Speaking of style, most directories are cookie-cutter, with every listing looking pretty much the same as all the others. How can you stand out from the crowd, when your entry looks like everybody else's?

That’s why it’s important that you can customize your Finders Speakers' entry almost any way you want, and create a listing that's as unique as you are!

But there’s another difference....

A lot of speaker directories list your email address, so people can get in touch with you. Sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately, publicly posting your email address or phone number also makes you a prime target for robo-calls or spam.

But it could be worse. Other speaker directories go to the other extreme — they don't even allow you to talk directly to the people who want to hire you. Think about it – they’re your potential clients, but you’re not allowed to talk to them directly. You have to go through the directory service. That’s crazy!

But with Finders Speakers Private Contact capability, the people who want to hire you can reach you — directly — and without ever knowing your email address. There’s no middleman between you and your clients, and your contact information is safe and won’t fall into the wrong hands!

Perhaps the biggest difference, though, is that almost all directories give you one measly entry with which you’re expected to market your keynote, your training programs, your bestselling book, your consulting services, and everything else about you. That’s asking a lot of one single entry, especially an entry that’s limited in how much information you can include.

That’s why it’s great that Finders Speakers gives you up to 7 individual, full-page entries with which to promote all the different aspects of your business. You can promote your keynote in one listing, your training programs in another, and your consulting services in a third. And of course, you can change your entries as much as you want, whenever you want, as often as you want.

But that’s not all. You see, Finders Speakers is actually the home of two directories. In the Showcase, you can promote your speeches, products and services to meeting and event planners. That’s what we’ve been talking about, and that’s what most speakers want to do.

But some speakers have resources they want to promote, not to planners, but to other speakers – coaching or speechwriting services, for example – and in the Finders Speakers Marketplace, you can do just that – promote your products and services directly to other professional speakers.

Finders Speakers is the best way to market yourself to the people who hire speakers, so why postpone your success? It’s easy to get started – just go to the Stage Door and pick the membership level that works best for you. In a matter of minutes, the people who are looking for speakers will be able to find… and hire… you!

Let’s face it… any speakers’ directory will do… if you’re a run of the mill, ordinary speaker. But if you’re a distinctive, extraordinary speaker, your career deserves better than an old-fashioned speakers’ directory.

In short, extraordinary speakers deserve a directory with full-page, fully customizable, individually targeted promotional entries, a directory that puts you and your programs in front of the people who hire speakers.

You are an extraordinary speaking professional, and you deserve… Finders Speakers.