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How to Find the Right Speaker for your Event

Hiring a speaker for your event is rather straightforward. Finding the right speaker can be more challenging.

Just as there are many different types of events, there are many different types of speakers. To find the right speaker for your event, you must first know what sort of speaker you're looking for. Here are some of the major considerations

  1. Since your speaker's fee for speaking at your event might be uppermost in your mind, let's start with that. Although your speaker's fee is important, it's not the most important consideration. Many speakers are open to negotiating their fee, so don't let cost be your first consideration. So do have a ballpark figure in mind when you start searching for speakers, but don't let it constrain you too much.

  2. Instead, your biggest consideration should probably involve why you're putting on your event. Are you delivering bad news to your group, or are you celebrating good news? Do you want to educate your group or entertain them? (Or both?) Or maybe you want to inspire or motivate them? Different speakers have different specialties, so it's important to find the speaker who best meets your needs.

  3. Along the same line as "why", what results do you want from your speaker? Do you want your group to learn something new? Or maybe be motivated or inspired? Maybe you want to reward them for an accomplishment?

  4. What sort of presentation are you looking for? Do you want a wake-them-up-and-get-them-going motivational breakfast keynote? Or an intensive change-their-way-of-thinking training session? Or maybe a lighthearted, fun presentation to break up the day? Do you want a 45-minute keynote or an all-day interactive workshop?

Answering these questions will help you define your ideal speaker, and being able to describe the speaker you're looking for will make the process of actually finding the perfect speaker much easier!

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