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Five Tips for Putting On a Great Event

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Do you want your meeting or event to be memorably great? Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve that!

  1. The first tip is so obvious, it sometimes gets overlooked. Why are you putting on the event? What do you want to accomplish by holding the event? And once you've defined the 'why', answer the 'how'. How is the best way to accomplish this? Doing it the way other people do it (or worse yet, doing it the way it's always been done) may be the safe way, but it's not necessarily the best way. Be creative!

  2. The second tip is obvious, but that doesn't make it any less important — plan ahead! And remember that planning takes time, so start your planning as soon as possible. Of course, the unexpected can (and will) occur, so flexibility is vital. But you can't change your plans if you don't first have plans. So start planning (in writing!) as quickly as you can!

  3. Part of your planning is preparing a budget. Define your anticipated expenses as accurately as you can. And since unexpected expenses can arise, set aside some contingency-money to cover your unanticipated costs.

    When people think of a budget, they normally think of money. But it's important to budget your time too! Determine how much time all of your activities will take, and be sure that you've got the time (or the people) to do everything that needs doing!

  4. It doesn't do any good if you put on a spectacular event, and nobody shows up because they didn't know about it. Your planning needs to include promotion, so allocate sufficient time, people and money to promote your unforgettable event!

  5. Although defining "the big picture" is obviously important, oftentimes it's the small details that can make-or-break your event. So for a truly successful event, don't just focus on the grand scheme... make sure all the fine details are in place too!

Putting on a successful event takes a lot of time, energy, and focus. Hopefully these five tips will help make your next event even more spectacular!

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