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Finding Speakers with Finders Speakers

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Simply put, Finders Speakers is a world-wide directory of speakers — ranging from keynoters to trainers to facilitators and more — speaking on a wide variety of topics and for a wide variety of fees (or possibly no fee at all).

But how can you use Finders Speakers to find the speakers you need?

The easiest way to find a speaker is to search. Unlike other directories, you don't have to search by category, or by name, or by topic. One search box (in the Search Console) does it all!

  • If you have particular speakers in mind, just enter their names (first or last). Or their nickname. Or, if you don't remember their name, their tag line or slogan. Or the title of their book. Anything that might uniquely identify the specific speaker you're looking for.

  • What if you don't have a particular speaker in mind? Use the same search box to search for the topic that interests you, like finances or motivation or sales. No need to try to shoehorn your needs into a predefined category — just describe who you're looking for in your own words.

  • Finders Speaker is a worldwide directory, so you've got a world (so to speak) of speakers to choose from. The downside of that is that you may want to constrain your search to speakers who are geographically close to your event's location. Easy! Just specify the location of your event, and what radius (in either miles or kilometers) from that location that you want your speakers to be based.

You can also benefit from other people's prior searches:

Once you've found your speaker, how do you get in touch with them? Finders Speakers offers a Private Contact capability where you can contact your speaker without using your email program. Or the speaker may offer some other way of contacting them. The point is, you contact the speaker you want — directly! Finders Speakers is not involved in your contact with your speaker of choice.

What if you're interested in a speaker, but you haven't made a final decision? Simply mark your speaker as a "favorite" and you can come back and view that entry later. (Don't worry — your favorites are confidential, and speakers are not told that you're considering them.) You can have as many "favorites" as you want, and your choices are remembered for several days.

And that's it! Using Finders Speakers to find your speakers is quick and easy. Give it a try!

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