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Eric Jacobson
Eric Jacobson
1 + 1 = 2. That's true, mathematically. But when one person forms a relationship with another person, the result is far more powerful than simply two individuals. Eric Jacobson knows the power of networking, and if your success depends on effectively interacting with others, you need to hear what Eric has to say!
Shantelle Moxie
As an inspirational children’s book author, play therapist and trauma specialist, Shantelle Moxie uses her professional experience to share stories about how children can cope with childhood trauma. As a keynoter, Shantelle delivers energetic, fun, thought-provoking and uplifting presentations for children, adults, and professionals.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith
Nick Smith, "The IT Guy", explains technology in straightforward, easy-to-understand terms. If you want to get a better handle on the technology that's shaping your world --- but without a lot of confusing techno-babble --- then you need to listen to Nick Smith.
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Jim Barber
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Jim Barber 2
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Jim Barber's Wake Up and Dream On!
Are your goals sabotaging you? Surprisingly, the greatest threat to achieving your goals are often the goals themselves. Jim Barber will show you how to succeed by balancing your S.M.A.R.T. goals with the power of D.U.M.B. dreams!
Frank Kwiatkowski
Tarot Awakenings by Frank Kwiatkowski
Tarot opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a world I only imagined possible. I help others awaken to their own source of truth, wisdom and love using this mystical intuitive method. -- Frank K.