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Eric Jacobson

1 + 1 = 2. That's true, mathematically. But when one person forms a relationship with another person, the result is far more powerful than simply two individuals. Eric Jacobson knows the power of networking, and if your success depends on effectively interacting with others, you need to hear what Eric has to say!

Eric Jacobson

"Imagine it, and you can achieve it!" maintains Eric Jacobson. Yes, success takes hard work, dedication, and focus... but it all starts with imagination. Eric lives his life on the basic principle of "Imagine and you can!"

Carolyn Kerner Stein

"Don’t Let Age or Disability Stop You!" by Carolyn Kerner Stein is a valuable guide to living a full life despite the challenges posed by age or disabilities. Speaking from first-hand experience, Carolyn's workshop provides valuable guidance and suggestions that will be appreciated by challenged individuals and their caregivers alike!

Phyllis May, the Fiery Retiree

Today's retirement years are not the same as those modeled by our parents. Phyllis May is living a ReFIRED life, and she shows her audiences that these years are unique and the possibilities are endless.

Keys to Paradise book cover

"Keys to Paradise...a fun guide to Key West" -- 2006 Finalist in Travel Category, Book Pro News -- #1 selling book for tourists coming to Key West

If You Think It book cover

"If You Think It" by Linda Sauget reminds us of some important, life-changing principles. Our lives move in the direction of our thoughts. First comes thought, then comes results. Our view of the world colors what happens to us. In other words, what we think about, comes about.