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Writing Your Business Plan

Plan to Succeed

Although some of the characteristics of a speaking business are quite unique, the fundamentals of running a successful speaking business are no different from the basics of any other business.

And as any business owner will tell you, the absolute core of any business is a business plan. You’re a speaker, so you’re a businessperson — and you need a business plan.

But not just any plan….

You need a speaker’s business plan, a plan that focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities that lie in the path of speaking professionals.

Your speaker's business plan is your treasure map to a successful speaking career. In this section of the Gym, you'll learn how to write a business plan especially designed for speaking professionals.

Your business plan is not "step 2" in the process, something that you knock off in a couple of days and then forget about. Instead, your business plan is an ongoing and ever-changing description of your business, one that you'll never complete!

But even though your business plan will never be finished, it's essential that you get started on your business plan now!

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