PSU Insight

Writing Your Business Plan

E Pluribus Unum for your Business Plan

Tackling your business plan can be an intimidating prospect. It might help to regard your business plan (plan, singular) of being made up of a number of smaller, more specialized plans. Individual plans may not be as overwhelming as one big business plan.

In the following sessions, you'll explore a variety of plans — your marketing plan, your product development plans, and so on — that will be discussed as stand-alone items. This will not only be less intimidating, it may help free you from the erroneous idea that you need to do your business plans in any particular order (you don't) or that you need to finish one plan before moving to the next (ditto).

However, there are a couple of plans that I suggest that you do first, before you tackle the other plans. After that, feel free to develop your individual plans in whatever order works best for you, and it's fine if you want to work on several (or even all) of your plans at the same time.

It's your business, and they're your plans. Do whatever works for you!