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Writing Your Business Plan

Forming Your Business

Even if you're going to be a one-person business (which most pro speakers are), you need to define your business — what sort of business structure will you be operating under, and what will be your business name?

Before you go on, I strongly urge you to seek the advice (financial and/or legal) of a qualified professional in these matters. Every individual is different, and every individual's situation is different. Laws and regulations vary from city to city, state to state, or country to country. Every person reading this material is a unique individual with unique needs. So it's impossible for me to give you specific information and guidance that's appropriate for your particular business.

Consequently, the suggestions and guidance in the following sessions are just that — suggestions and guidance in the general case. I hope these thoughts will help you in communicating with your selected professionals, but I certainly do not claim that they are sufficient on their own!

As for your business definition, you may not know for some time exactly what you want to do. But there's no reason you can't start immediately thinking about it and researching it before you ever type your first word.