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Speakers Bureaus -- Holy Grail or Waste of Time?

For many aspiring or beginning pro speakers, their #1 question is oftentimes "How do I get booked by speakers bureaus?"

Before you try to get booked by speakers bureaus, you need to understand what a speakers bureau actually is, how it works, and what it can do for you. Some pro speakers get a tremendous amount of their business from speakers bureaus, while others refuse to work with bureaus at all — and both of them are correct.

So the following sessions will explore a number of questions, such as — what is a speakers bureau? How does a speakers bureau work? What are the benefits of working with speakers bureaus? What are the downsides? Do you even want to be booked by speakers bureaus? And if you do, how do you go about establishing a successful relationship with them?

Working with speakers bureaus can be enormously lucrative — if you know what you're doing. And working with speakers bureaus can be an absolute nightmare if you don't.

So let's get started on our exploration of the somewhat arcane world of the speakers bureau.

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