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How to Create Bureau-Friendly Marketing Materials

When you start investigating working with speakers bureaus, you’ll hear a lot about “bureau friendly” marketing materials. Let’s consider what they are, how you produce them, and why they’re important.

Basically, “bureau friendly” marketing materials are simply your normal marketing materials (brochure, one-sheet, video demo, etc.), but without your contact information printed on them. Just leave the area blank where you would normally put information on how to contact you, so the bureau can place its own adhesive labels listing the bureau’s contact information.

In the days before the Internet and search engines, this was a really important part of the speakers : speakers bureau relationship. Speakers were sometimes difficult to find, and organizations sometimes used bureaus to locate a speaker they wanted. Bureaus didn’t want to send clients marketing materials containing your contact information — there was too much chance of the client deciding to deal directly with you.

Nowadays, it’s easy for an organization to locate just about any speaker they’re interested in, so it’s not as important that the bureau keep your contact information “secret.” But here’s the bottom line —

Supplying bureaus with bureau-friendly marketing materials shows them that you understand and value your relationship with them.

And that’s sufficient reason right there for you to send bureaus only bureau-friendly marketing collateral.

Now, would you like to really impress the speakers bureau? Rather than leaving the area for your contact information blank, print the bureau’s contact information on your materials, saving them from having to affix the labels themselves.

Before the days of desktop publishing, this was difficult to do. But today, you can individually customize all your bureau marketing materials with their specific contact information. If nothing else, the bureau may be impressed with your initiative.