PSU Insight

The Importance of "Running the Numbers"

What is "Running the Numbers"?

Throughout Pro Speaker U, you'll see the phrase "running the numbers". I personally believe that running the numbers is a critical business skill, and that not running the numbers is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

But what does that mean? And how do you "run the numbers" on your individual projects and your overall business? Does it require an accounting degree to run the numbers? Are complicated formulas or higher math involved?

Some of the material in this section will appear to be very basic. And it is! But it's amazing how many people ignore (or forget altogether) the basics when they're analyzing their businesses. (And their businesses suffer because they ignore the basics.)

Furthermore, some of the material will be quite obvious. But as you'll see in the next few sessions, just because something is obvious does not necessarily mean it's true!

But enough talk! Let's get started so you can start running your numbers!