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The Importance of "Running the Numbers"

Succeed at Marketing by Running the Numbers

Too many beginning speakers approach marketing solely from a creative point of view. While there's certainly nothing wrong with being creative — in fact, it's essential to your success — you are setting yourself up for disaster if you don't also "run the numbers" on all your marketing activities.

There are so many aspects of marketing (and they're all important) that marketing has its own separate section here in Pro Speaker U. And part of your marketing success depends on how creative you are.

But for many speakers, the problem is that being creative is fun, while "running the numbers" is not fun. It's not only not fun, it's downright boring.

So speakers don't do it. And when their highly-creative marketing efforts fail, they wonder why. In many cases, the failure could have been foreseen — and quite possibly avoided — if they had performed some basic arithmetic projections to start with!

So the following sessions explore how "running the numbers" can be applied to most of your marketing endeavors... and maybe help you avoid some costly mistakes.