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Setting Your Fees and Prices

Introduction to Setting Fees and Prices

Now that you’re convinced of the importance of running the numbers, let’s turn our attention to the primary reason speakers use numbers — pricing their speeches, products, and services. (And if you haven't explored the section on "running the numbers", I urge you to at least browse through it. You might find a few surprises hidden there!)

One of the greatest challenges faced by professional speakers is determining how much to charge for their keynotes, training programs, products and services. They fear that if they price their programs too high, they'll lose business. But they dread the idea of needlessly losing money, by pricing their programs too low.

The one question on most speakers' minds is a simple one — "How can I determine the 'right' price for my speeches, my products, my consulting services, and everything else that I offer?"

As you might expect, there isn't an easy answer to that question. But there is an answer, and you'll explore how to determine the "right" price for your products and services in the following sessions.