PSU Insight

Setting Your Fees and Prices

Alternatives to Getting Paid Your Fee

What if your target market cannot afford your fees? Don’t be too quick to lower your prices. You may be able to get someone else to pay for your programs or resources (through sponsorships or grants, for example).

If that’s not possible, you may be able to make up the difference through other means. For example, selling product at an event can more than make up for reducing your fees. Remember, it’s your total (net) income from an engagement that’s important — not your fee itself.

And income isn’t necessarily measured in money. If your prospects can’t afford your fees, you can negotiate with them — you’ll exchange your service for something that the client does have enough of.

For instance, some meetings already have recording equipment included in their budgets; offer to credit some (or all) of your fee if they’ll videorecord your presentation and provide you with a master. Or maybe they can give you some valuable publicity in their organization’s magazine or newsletter. Or if the organization produces something that you need, you could accept their product (a car, a timeshare apartment, electronic equipment, whatever) in exchange for your “product” (your speech or other service).

Be flexible, and use your imagination!