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Speakers' Contracts and Agreements


The information provided in Pro Speaker U consists of general guidance and suggestions to help professional speakers advance their careers. In no way does the information in Pro Speaker U constitute advice on legal, financial, medical, relationship, or any other situations. If you need such advice, you are urged to contact your appropriate legal, financial, medical, relationship, or other professional. The opinions expressed herein are just that — opinions — and I assume absolutely no responsibility for the misuse of the information.

For example, the contracts you’ll be considering later are designed to cover many of the situations encountered by professional speakers. However, these forms are simply guidelines; every speaker’s business is unique, and so you should have a legal professional prepare documents to meet your specific needs.

Now if you’re going to need to see a lawyer anyway, you may be wondering why you need to consider these contracts. It’s simple. Attorneys are experts in the law in general, but many lawyers know nothing about the speaking industry. So when you go to see them, these contracts can serve as a guide for producing the documents that you need. (And since lawyers frequently charge by the hour, if you save them time, you can save yourself money!)

But there’s another reason. Although you need to have a legal expert make sure that your contracts are properly written to serve your best interests, you should still understand what it is that you’re signing. So understanding why a contract is constructed a particular way is always helpful.

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