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Moving from Free to Fee (and Getting Started Right)

You Are NOT a Speaker! (Start Here)

Rev. Tina Dupree presented a popular workshop at a convention of the National Speakers Association. During her presentation, she credited me – twice – with opening her eyes early in her career to a fundamental truth….

“You are not a speaker,” I had told her. “You are a business owner!”

Over the years, I’ve told numerous groups of professional and aspiring speakers that same truth — “You are not speakers. You are business owners!” It may seem pretty obvious, but I’ve found that most serious blunders that professional speakers make in their careers can be traced back to their forgetting that one “obvious” fact — they’re business owners.

You see, there’s a fundamental problem with thinking like a speaker, rather than like a business owner. When you think like a speaker, you're filled with passion and purpose. And that's good... when you're on the platform.

But when you're working at your business, thinking like a speaker causes you to make emotional decisions from a personal perspective, rather than making calculated and logical decisions from the perspective of an owner of a successful business enterprise.

And that's a sure-fire formula for failure.

To combat this problem, I created Pro Speaker U. In a long series of short Insights, PSU explores the basics of running a speaker's business. If you've run any other type of business before, you won't find any surprises. By and large, a speaker's business is pretty much like any other business — the details change, but the principles are the same.

But if running a small business is new to you, don't despair. You don't need an advanced degree in business, you just need to start thinking and acting like a businessperson. And PSU will help.

Either way, roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn how to set up and run a successful speaker's business!