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Preparation is the Key

PPQ — Making Your Program a Good Fit

Unless your presentation is completely stand-alone and independent, it's only one part of an overall event. In order for your presentation to be a good fit, it's important for you to know what's going on during the rest of the meeting —

  • What will the audience be doing in the hour preceding my program?

  • What will they be doing immediately following my program?

The first question can help you predict your audience’s general mood. Will they be relaxed or tense? Will they be receptive or antagonistic toward your message? Will they be tired? Even worse, will they be intoxicated?

The second question helps you to anticipate if your audience members will be wishing you could talk longer, or looking at their watches and wondering when you’re going to end.

You probably can't do anything about what's happening elsewhere, but you can possibly make changes to your own program as needed.