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Don't Be Boring

In our modern-day society, we are inundated with a constant barrage of information. And we're becoming numb to it. That's why my #1 rule for effective speaking is: don’t be boring.

This section of Pro Speaker U presents a variety of Insights, and these tips are presented in no particular order. But this tip is #1, if not numerically, then in importance. In fact, it’s so important, I’ll even make it a rule. And it’s so important, I’ll put it in big bold letters:

Rule #1 is —

Don’t   be   boring!

Your presentation may be entertaining. It may be outrageous. It may be touching. It may be many different things, and still be effective.

But it simply cannot be boring. Period.

Other Insights will suggest different ways of making your speeches or presentations more interesting, more intriguing, funnier, or more whatever you want. But whatever you do, remember the fundamental reason behind any action you take — you don't want to be boring.

Keep that in mind in every presentation you make!