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Getting Started Right

Introduction to Moving From Free to Fee

Have you ever considered becoming a professional speaker... but you don't know how to get started?

Are you already a popular public speaker... but you want to get paid for doing what you're doing, and you don't know how to "move from free to fee"?

Do you want to write a book (or maybe you've already written one), but your publisher wants to know what your "platform" is?

Welcome to the sometimes wild, occasionally wacky, and possibly profitable world of professional speaking!

The title of this first focus, "Moving from Free to Fee (and Getting Started Right)", pretty much says it all. If you have seriously considered — or even idly daydreamed about — becoming a paid speaking professional, the Insights in this Focus will help you get started. (Even if you're already started on your pro speaking journey, you might pick up some useful tips and suggestions in here.)

The Insights in this particular Focus are presented in no particular order (that's not true for some other focuses in PSU), so feel free to skip around and look at whichever ones strike your fancy.

These are chaotic times, and there are certainly no guarantees about anything. But if you want to try your hand at speaking as a profession, then Pro Speaker U is here to help. Wishing you every success!

Jim Barber
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Jim Barber
Creator of Pro Speaker U and the Finders Speakers Marketing Center, and Head Barber of one of the web's longest-running sites, The Barber Shop

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