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Speakers' Contracts and Agreements

Introduction to Speakers Contracts and Agreements

Although we are moving to a "paperless society" (or the business world is, anyway), there is still a need to get things "in writing"... even if the writing is electron-based instead of paper-based.

Some of the Insights in this particular Focus build on earlier Insights (that's not true for some other focuses in PSU), so you might do better to go through the Insights in order, at least the first time through. (After that, you can go back and refer to any particular Insights as you need.)

As I explain in the first Insight, I am not offering legal advice. Rather, I'm simply offering a layman's explanation of some of the paperwork that you'll need as a professional speaker. This way, you'll be more knowledgeable when you talk to your own legal professional. Because as I explain in the following Insights, it's important to "get it in writing", even if you're speaking for free.

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