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Pro Speaker U is composed of over 150 individual Insights (so far, there's more to come), grouped into 10 different Focuses —

  1. Getting Started Right Have you ever considered becoming a professional speaker... but you don't know how to get started? Start here!
  2. Speakers' Contracts and Agreements There is still a need to get things "in writing"... even if the writing is electron-based instead of paper-based.
  3. Writing Your Business Plan One of the most basic — and most essential — activities you need to perform is to create your business plan.
  4. The Importance of "Running the Numbers" The central idea behind this focus is simple but essential — the "obvious" answer is frequently wrong.
  5. Setting Your Fees and Prices Determining the "right" price for your programs, products, and services is one of the greatest challenges facing professional speakers.
  6. Protecting Your Intellectual Property When someone steals your intellectual assets, that's worse than stealing your money. Learn how to protect your copyrighted materials!
  7. Marketing and Promotion Your message is important. Your platform skills are important. But your marketing will make (or break) your career!
  8. Preparation is the Key Much of the success of your presentation is determined long before you utter your first word.
  9. Speak with Power and Passion It's finally Showtime! Ensure your success on the platform with these techniques.
  10. Effective Microphone Usage A microphone can be a speaker's best friend. Do you know which microphone to use, and how to use it effectively?
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