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Help With Queries

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Finders Speakers' Private Query capability allows you to contact anyone featured in Finders Speakers without sending them an email.

"Your Name" and "Email" are both required; they enable the recipient of your query to quickly distinguish your message from others.

"Homepage" and "Subject" are both optional, but they may help the recipient respond to your question. (Note: for your protection, if you enter a web address in "Homepage", it must be a fully qualified URL, such as "https://findersspeakers.com", for it to be accepted.)

"Question or Message" is required, and this is where you enter your question. Be sure to include any other contact information that the recipient may need (alternate email address, telephone #, Skype ID, etc.) so that they can reply to you. Communications via Private Query are one-directional only — you can send a message to a speaker via Private Query, but you'll receive a response using whatever medium you specify in your message.

Once you're satisfied with your message, just click or tap "Send".