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You can search for speakers by topic or expertise, by name, by trademark or tagline, or any descriptive term that you can think of!

If you specify multiple search terms, they are ANDed together. That is, a search for "customer service" will show only those entries that have both "customer" and "service" in them.

For your convenience, searching is performed using the Porter stemming algorithm. (This means that a search for "speak", for example, will find not only the entries that contain the word "speak", but also all the entries that contain "speaker", "speaking", and "speaks". However, it will not find entries with the word "spoke"; for that, you need to use the OR operation.)

The special term "OR" indicates that terms are to be ORed instead of ANDed. For example, if you wish to find entries that have either "customer" or "service" in them, enter "customer OR service" as your search terms.

Search terms are case-independent. That is, "abc", "Abc", "abC", and "ABC" are treated equally. (However, the special term "OR", if used, must be capitalized.)

To avoid overloading the search engine, search terms must be at least 3 characters in length. Consequently, searching for "is" will yield no results, even though there are probably plenty of "is"s to be found.