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So you want to sell your products and services in The Marketplace? You'll easily do that — and more — with a Master-level membership in Finders Speakers!

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Speakers' Marketplace!

Master Membership in Finders Speakers provides you with a whopping 7 (yes, seven!) full-page, fully-customizable entries that you can place in either The Showcase or The Marketplace!

  • When you promote your products or services in The Showcase, you're promoting yourself to meetings and events planners around the world.

  • And when you promote your products or services in The Marketplace, you're promoting to speaking professionals around the world.

  • Finally, you're free to target any (or all) of your 7 entries toward either of the 2 markets. If, for example, you're a professional speaker and you want to promote your keynote and training programs to meeting planners, and promote your speech coaching and speechwriting services to your fellow speaking professionals, Master Membership is for you.

Of course, you can choose to use all seven of your entries solely in The Marketplace. You have seven full-page, fully-customizable entries with which you can promote your voiceover services, speechwriting services, recording services, coaching, consulting, training programs... however you can help your fellow speaking professionals to succeed!

You can update (or even replace) each of your entries, whenever you want, as often as you want — at no charge. And Finders Speakers' Private Contact capability means that people can contact you without your revealing your email address! (Each of your seven pages has its own separate Private Contact service, providing you with the ultimate in flexibility and security.)

Since all contact is between you and your customers, you pay no commission or fee to Finders Speakers on your sales. Everything you make, you keep! And since there are no commitments or long-term contracts to sign, you can terminate your membership whenever it's no longer profitable for you.

So what does Master Membership in Finders Speakers cost? You pay for your Master Membership monthly, at the unbelievably low rate of only $24. That's 7 full-size, fully customizable, no-commission-taken-out promotion pages, for less than 12 cents per ad per day!

To seize the opportunity to promote your products or services to members of the pro speaking industry — for only $24 a month — just click the "Join Finders Speakers" button, fill in the short application, and pay for your first month's membership. That's it! In a matter of minutes, you'll be promoting your inventory or services to speaking professionals worldwide! (Be sure to request a Master-level membership when you apply!)

If you can find a more cost-effective way to promote your products and services to members of the pro speaking community, please take it! And if you can't find a more cost-effective way to promote yourself and your products, then what are you waiting for? Join today!

I'm delighted to help speaking professionals by giving them access to your useful goods and services. And I'm proud of the powerful marketing and positioning opportunity that Finders Speakers offers you to promote to pro speakers! Everybody wins!

Jim Barbersigned Jim

Jim Barber
Creator, Finders Speakers