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Great Meeting U has 5 resources to help you make your meetings great:

1 : Five Tips for Putting On a Great Event

Do you want your meeting or event to be memorably great? Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve that!

(87 reads)

2 : Pros and Cons of Speakers Bureaus

Speakers Bureaus have both their benefits and drawbacks. Your particular situation will determine whether using a Speakers Bureau is right for you.

(75 reads)

3 : Do I Need a Contract with a Free Speaker?

It might seem that if you're not paying your speaker, a contract isn't necessary. While it's not legally required, it's still a good idea.

(107 reads)

4 : Should I Get a "Free" Speaker?

It's possible to get a speaker "for free", and some free speakers can even be pretty good speakers. In fact, a few can be great speakers! But unfortunately, with some "no cost" speakers, you get what you pay for.

(94 reads)

5 : How to Find the Right Speaker for your Event

The process of finding a speaker for your event can be intimidating... but it doesn't have to be!

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