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Greetings, fellow entrepreneur and speaking enthusiast!

I'm Jim Barber, and I've been a professional speaker since the late 1970s. Some years have been good (a few very good) and others have been absolutely abysmal. But after 40+ years, I'm still here and I've had so much fun as a pro speaker, I want to give something back.

So I have a gift for you. Over the past 4 decades, I've collected a lot of "truth from the trenches" materials that would be helpful to pro speakers. I've updated and reformatted them, and organized them into a collection that I humbly call....

Pro Speaker U!

Pro Speaker U is an eclectic collection of over 150 articles, tutorials, guides, lists, checklists, quizzes, and more! In PSU, you'll learn about copyrights, contracts, business plans, microphones, pre-program questionnaires, budgets, setting your fees and prices... and more!


I created Pro Speaker U with one goal in mind... to help aspiring and beginning speakers move "from free to fee" as quickly and as easily as possible. Pro Speaker U won't turn you into a professional speaker, but it just might shave a few months off your learning curve.

Here's the best part — PSU is free for you to use. You don't have to register; I don't even want to know your email address. (Or worse yet, your birthday!) PSU is my gift to you, without cost or obligation.

(However, PSU materials are copyrighted and are not in the public domain! If you're not familiar with copyrights, I suggest you study the Focus on intellectual property protection. But bottom line, what this means to you is that you're free to study and use PSU's materials for your own personal career advancement, but please don't sell them or make money off of them or claim them as your own. That's illegal. And tacky.)

Over the decades, I've had a blast as a speaking professional, and I want you have fun — and hopefully make a few bucks too — in this exciting and ever-changing industry! And I hope PSU will help you in accomplishing that!

It's good to have you here! Here's wishing you every success in your career as a professional speaker!

Jim Barber
signed Jim

Jim Barber
Creator of Pro Speaker U and the Finders Speakers Marketing Center, and Head Barber of one of the web's longest-running sites, The Barber Shop